One of the issues that prompted the formation of the Association in 1971 was concern by local residents about the future development of the built environment of Rathgar. A Committee Member was appointed Planning Officer at the very first meeting. Since that time there have been a number of Planning Acts and changes in the structure of the management of the city.

These changes have in turn influenced the planning services provided by the Association.

The Planning Officer

The Planning Officer monitors all planning applications submitted in the area. These applications are listed weekly by the City Planning Office for public scrutiny. Residents should also be aware where an application has been made because of the legal requirement to post a public notice on the buildings or sites to which the application refers. The Planning Officer considers applications on the basis of whether they will materially impact the overall environment in Rathgar with particular emphasis on the maintenance of the character of the area. Where it is clear that a proposed development is inappropriate, a detailed objection is submitted to the City Council Planning Office.

Where the Planning Officer feels that the concerns expressed by a resident or a group of residents about the adverse effect of a particular proposal have merit, he will work with those resident(s)/member(s) and, with the endorsement of the Committee, will submit objections to the Planning Office.

In some instances appeals may be taken by the Association to An Bord Pleanala.

The Planning Officer also provides advice to the Committee and to the members on all matters relating to planning such as procedures to be followed in making an objection, time restrictions and costs, and general advice on current planning regulations and the law.

       You can contact the Planning Officer directly via our contact page. 


                  Dublin City Council’s Development Plan 2022 – 2028

You can click here to visit the Dublin City Council’s website, which details the Development Plan 2022 – 2028. This site gives access to the Development Plan and other planning information. 

Quoting the DCC website, “The Dublin City Development Plan sets out policies and objectives to create a sustainable and vibrant city at the heart of the Greater Dublin Region. This plan guides how and where development will take place in the city over the next 6 years”.