Rathgar Residents Association believes that it can help the residents of the area and indeed Dublin City Council to combat environmental problems by bringing such problems to the Council’s attention. This function is carried out by the Environment Officer who will act as a liaison between residents and the City Council and between road representatives and the City Council, and ensure that the Council acts on complaints received.

Problems such as graffiti, litter on the streets, broken pavements, derelict gardens, “doggy loo” problems and anti-social behaviour generally are dealt with by the Environment Officer.

The Environment Officer also makes representations to the City Council, on behalf of the Committee, on issues such as bus lanes, cycle lanes, quality bus corridors, etc.

Please pass your complaints to the Environment Officer, setting it out as clearly as possible. The matter will then be taken up with relevant section of the City Council or local Gardai as appropriate. The Environment officer will seek to have appropriate action taken.

You can contact the Environment Officer directly by using our contact page.