The affairs of the Association are managed by a committee of twelve members, who are elected at the Annual General Meeting. The Committee elects from amongst its number a Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Honorary Secretary, Honorary Membership Secretary and Honorary Treasurer. There is also a Planning Officer and an Environment Officer. The Committee meets at least ten times a year. A quorum for a Committee meeting is five. The Committee can fill any vacancies by co-option between AGMs.

Please go to the Contacts page for more information on how to contact members of the Association Committee directly.

Committee Members


Christy Carty

[email protected]

Vice Chair

Paula Moore

[email protected]


Ursula Budd

[email protected]


John McMahon

[email protected]


Cliona Mullen

[email protected]

Planning Officer

Paddy Marron

[email protected]


Leon Weavers

[email protected]

Other Members

Peter Doyle

Brigitte de la Malene 

Laoise de Brun

Maura Byrne – RRA Liaison with Rathgar Business Association

Katie Ryan